let Pawlenty supports Minnesota values

Recently, the Land Stewardship Project has issued an advertisement featuring a farm woman questioning Governor Pawlenty's Minnesota values. While Lois Nash is an attractive woman and an articulate spokeswoman, I'm not sure that LSP did sufficient research prior to their selection.

While Nash echoes the latest LSP mantra of "local control" she, herself, is a retired federal employee with a handful of horses, and rents her tillable acres -- not to a local farmer -- but to a farming entity headquartered outside her county and which is on the short list of top recipients for USDA subsidies within the state of Minnesota. I can think of many other images that would be better -- rather than the one they chose whose actions seem to be contrary and inconsistent to LSP's preferences.

It is my belief, and that of Gov. Pawlenty, that Nash has the right to make that choice for her land as should all farmers. What we need is to maintain laws that protect all farmer's rights to make wise decisions for their businesses that will benefit Minnesota citizens. Farmers, like all business owners, have the right to achieve their business goals within the confines of Minnesota's environmental rules and regulations that are among the strictest in the nation.

We Minnesota farmers are fortunate to have a supportive governor who understands the need for a strong agricultural sector in our state, one who recognizes livestock production as a valuable asset to local communities, and who respects the contribution that farmers make to our state's economy. I think Governor Pawlenty understands Minnesota values just fine. -- Lisa Heggedahl, Hayfield, MN

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