LET Provide transportation for seniors

As a Rochester native, and the granddaughter of senior citizens living in Rochester, I am aware of the challenges non-driving seniors face in getting around town.

The senior population has been, and continues to be, a valuable asset to our community in a variety of ways, including the spending they do in local retail and grocery stores.

I commend those establishments, such as Wal-mart, that provide free or affordable transportation for seniors to get to and from their places of business.

This is a great service for those people who are unable to drive and are on a fixed income. It is my understanding that for about $20 a week the Apache Mall could be added to the Shopper Route (a service they once provided), which is a bus loop that caters to seniors and provides transportation services twice a week at a nominal charge. I would encourage Apache Mall management/retail stores and other businesses in town to provide transportation accommodations to this valuable population in our community.

Erin; Munson



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