let Purveyors of fear misuse issues

Again, Rochester City Council Member Jean McConnell is just plain out of touch. There are many states that have later bar closings, but have fewer alcohol-related deaths per capita. This town is growing, and the shift work around town is growing. There are now more people working second shift than ever before.

Just because bars close later, doesn't mean people who start drinking at 8 will still be there at 2. However, the people who stop in at midnight might appreciate the extra time to relax. Alcohol-related deaths and time of bar closings just aren't related.

If someone is going to drink 13 hours a day, no rules about bar openings and closings would change that. I'm getting a little fed up with the purveyors of fear who have penetrated politics on every level. It's the folks who pick a controversial subject, and make outrageous statements to get the light shining on them yet once again. The same goes for the new conceal and carry law.

If you listen to the columnist from the Post-Bulletin, we will have another Dodge City to contend with and Minnesota will turn into another range war. He doesn't mention that if one person had been carrying the day Mark O. Barton went berserk in his day trading firm, many people would still be alive. Same at Luby's in Killeen, Texas, or the McDonald's in San Ysidro, Calif.

Dave; Thomas



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