LET Rah, rah, Honkers

Congratulations to the 2006 Rochester Honkers baseball team on winning the 2006 Northwoods League Championship! What a season! What a team! From a Northwoods League record 50-win, 18-loss regular season to a four-game playoff sweep of the South Division (two games) and League Championship (two games), it was an unforgettable season.

As a season-ticket holder from the very first year (1994), I and Honker fans have witnessed some great players and three other Northwoods League Championship teams over their 13-year history; however, no other team, and the emphasis is on team, has had the combination of very good and talented players, winning attitude and chemistry that resulted in this championship year, witness by more than 51,000 fans at Mayo Field.

Hats off to the players -- especially our hometown star, Dan Lyons (who obviously is a winner: Century High School, American Legion and now the Honkers); manager Greg Labbe and his coaching staff; and of course co-owners Dan Litzinger and Kim Archer.

Honkers, you made us very proud!

Ardell; F. Brede



; Rochester;

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