LET Raising taxes for stupid programs

Tax cuts did not cause the deficit. The economy did because of who was in office before -- Bill Clinton.

We sure can be glad that Al Gore did not get into office. We would have had a tax increase and would not have gotten a tax cut -- a tax increase for some more dumb Democrat programs.

We pay too much in taxes now, all because of Democrat programs. We want some of our taxes back. The Democrats would take all the money we earn and then send some (a little bit) back to us. That's called Communism. How much is too much for education -- the kids seem to get dumber, not smarter.

Another big waste of taxes is benefits for same-sex partners. The only reason the Democrats want it is they hope those people vote for them. The Democrats don't care about people, only votes.

The Democrats talk the talk but what have they ever done to really help people? When they get into office they do nothing but raise taxes for stupid programs.


Gaynell; Richardson


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