LET Reaping the bitter harvest

Regarding the current media hype and related, and nearly universal, condemnation of the Catholic clergy as a whole, I have some observations and questions.

The fact that a relatively small number of presumably "Catholic" clerics finally got caught up with, and publicly exposed, for their reprehensible and loathsomely sinful pedophiliac activities during this past quarter of a century, certainly ought not be accepted (or misconstrued) as the norm for all of those who have been called to that noble vocation of the priesthood.

Who is now, in response, speaking up for all of the good and God-serving priests who go about their primary business of saving souls in this our day?

Where in the world were your investigative news noses in 1989 when Father John O'Conner was blowing the whistle on those predators in the top echelons of his own Dominican Order? For this, Father O'Conner was deliberately silenced by his order.

And where were your news hawks when O'Conner would have been pleased to fill you in on the dangers of these promiscuous homosexual predators. This was 13 years ago! Where have we been?


Were we too busy burying our collective heads in the dangerous sands of ecumenical "love," where everything is OK, and just fine, as long as it's done between consenting parties?

So, now we are reaping the bitter harvest.

Raymond; L. Sibley


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