LET Respect the flag

A letter published last Friday titled "Give our flag respect at election" caught my attention. Like the writer of that letter, I encountered a less-than-adequate display of the flag at a polling place.

The polls had not yet opened, and an elderly election judge was frantically trying to get a flimsy flag stand to work.

I helped him find a broomstick, and with a folding chair for a brace and a little duct tape we were able to improvise a stand that kept Old Glory flying freely all that day.

Just as active citizen participation is needed to make our government work, sometime active citizen participation is needed to show respect for the flag.

Once the polls have opened, the election officials cannot leave the polling place to gather repair materials, but I am sure they would always accept help in correcting a problem.


A focus on what we can do better will always produce more improvement than will a focus on what others should do better.

Joel; Earl


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