let Riverside staff always dedicated

The Aug. 30 Post-Bulletin article headlined "Trace of Hope" referred to a "history of neglect," at Riverside Trace. Between 1980 and 1995, the facility was called "Woodside Care Center" and was an exemplary facility managed by Hillhaven Corp.

The department heads were qualified and attended national corporation workshops for continued training. The various departments worked together to give the best of care. Health issues were met by daily visits from physician's assistants who represented Olmsted and Mayo clinics.

Volunteers numbering in the hundreds -- musicians, dancers, swing choirs, church leaders, square dancers, babies, Mayo students, and readers kept the residents linked to the community.

Residents kept active -- resident council, overnight camping, resident band (receiving a standing ovation from the students), Santa's phone helpers, neighborhood parties, and a resident store. These involved residents and staff worked together closely.

I feel that a facility, regardless of name, is no better than the managers who set the mood, rules, and allotment of expenditures. The workers who have continued through the many changes in the last few years ought to be given the chance to show the new company that they know how to lead. They have had the past experiences and can bring the new facility up to the best in the community again.


Dorothy; A. Lund Nelson

former; Woodside Activities Director


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