LET Share your bounty with others

I am asking people with plenty to give up their Thanksgiving meals this year and give it to people who have little. Spend your day fasting so you may taste what it's like to struggle and they may taste what it's like to have plenty.

On Friday, don't go gift-shopping for people with plenty. Instead, go to your employer, if your income exceeds $40,000, and ask to have $1,000 of your salary transferred to the lowest-paid employee in your organization. People struggle because their wages fall below minimal subsistence. Give them the dignity to earn what they need to provide for their families.

On Saturday, don't look in your shelves wondering what to do with the can of lima beans you can't recall the reason for buying or the extra can of pumpkin that you didn't use. Don't take them to the food shelf thinking the poor will be grateful. Donate the finest foods from your shelves instead.

On Sunday, pray for those who grasp for reasons to live. Don't stop there. Send someone flowers or give someone a tank of gas or a pizza delivery. Give someone a tiny part of your excess. Do it so they have one tiny reason to believe they are people of value.

Lois; Ylvisaker



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