LET Sharing the blessings of freedom

God is all-powerful, yet he separated that power from control by giving us free will. Made in his likeness, part of our Christian heritage then is freedom and power.

The opposite of these two God-given characteristics is Satan-endorsed domination and control, the very same hallmarks of terrorists. So stop wondering if we brought the 9/11 attacks on ourselves! They were clearly the result of persons in collusion with Satan.

Our money reminds us it is "In God We Trust" and our Declaration of Independence says we are "one nation under God. The initial author of freedom (free will), America's abundance comes from a Father who is waiting to lavish many blessings on those who will accept him.

Americans, let us never apologize for our heritage from God! Let us proudly claim our privileges and be courageous in sharing the blessings of freedom and individual choice.

Pamella; Miller



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