LET Short-term vs. long-term benefits

The front page of the Post-Bulletin Tuesday had a photo that said it all. The photo of Rochester and Mayo officials working together side by side as they have for over a hundred years.

The stern looks on the faces spoke volumes of the gravity of the moment. The new task is to save our city and enhance the quality of life for the residents. It's not a new concept.

The goal of Mayo from the start has been the people. The cyclone of 1883 caused the city and the Mayo family to work together to rebuild the community and advance health care in the area. That's the goal set those many years ago. The goal of the city is economic development. The goal of Mayo is the advancement of medicine. The proposal of DM&E; is contrary to what that 100-year ongoing goal has been.

The DM&E; proposal only enhances a few people. It will generate only a few short-term jobs, but it will have long-term negative effects. What is the financial benefit to Rochester and its people? What is the financial benefit for the state? What is the financial benefit to DM&E; management?

All of these questions need to be answered.


Pete; Kahl


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