LET Signs were just common sense

On Aug. 10, Kathy Castrovinci brought up the wording of Carla Nelson's campaign signage. She stated that many of the signs read, "Re-elect Carla Nelson" and that Carla is no longer the incumbent.

Nelson chose to reuse these signs for several reasons. First and foremost, although Nelson is not the incumbent, both grammatically and legally, re-elect is the correct word for individuals seeking an office they have previously held. Second, our current signs were in good condition, and since Nelson is fiscally conservative, she was reluctant to discard them.

You can expect Nelson to bring this same kind of common sense spending with her to the state House if she is elected. Third, state election laws limit the amount of money a candidate can spend, and we would prefer to use our money to communicate with the voters on the issues important to Rochester. Issues like education, health care and economic development are what really concern the citizens of District 30A, and they are what we will continue to focus on.

Nelson looks forward to campaigning on these important issues and sincerely hopes that this race will be about substance and not about the wording of lawn signs. Finally, our newest batch of signs, printed at ABC Industries, say "elect Carla Nelson" to reduce any confusion.

Byron; Clark


Campaign; manager

Carla; Nelson for

state; representative

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