let Small-minded politicians fiddle

A recent letter from Heather Eller concluded by saying Rep. Tina Liebling believes that our flag should be torn apart. All fair-minded people understand that Eller owes Liebling an apology.

Some politicians and their sycophants have been frothing at the mouth over the infinitesimally small number of Americans who do not love Old Glory. As real problems mount, you can always count on the small-minded politician to attempt to find a solution for a non-existent problem. Some are too simple to see through this kind of political stunt, and some worship our flag as a graven image.

With world anger and disappointment in America at an all-time high, with the rich getting richer and many of the rest in increasing financial danger, with global climate change and oil addiction, with huge government and national debt, with election shenanigans and hackable election software threatening our democracy, and with war without end, well, it's all too difficult, so why not just fiddle?

Greg; Rendahl


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