let Snowmobilers should be upset

This is in response to Tom Ostby's Jan. 22 letter regarding snowmobile tracks left in the snow as "littering."

I wonder if it upsets Mr. Ostby to see a pasture with cow tracks or manure left in the new snow? How does he feel when he sees tracks left by an ice fisherman?

Maybe he didn't know the economic impact of snowmobiling in North America is $7 billion annually ($150 million in Minnesota) or the fact that 75,000 full-time jobs are generated by the snowmobiling industry. He obviously doesn't know that registrations, user fees and volunteerism by local clubs is the No. 1 reason the trail system even exists.

Minnesota has more than 300,000 registered snowmobiles this year (a record amount); fewer than half of these snowmobiles belong to a snowmobile club. Mr. Ostby is correct in saying the problems are caused by a "few" snowmobilers. However, they are not ruining it for everyone. In fact, they are making the responsible snowmobilers more aware of the need to educate these few.

Please try to keep an open mind and realize many responsible U.S. citizens have thousands of dollars invested in their snowmobiling equipment, then, like this year, we don't even get any snow. If anyone should be upset, it's the snowmobilers.


Mark; Jessen


; Byron; Snow Bears

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