LET Spare me CardioVision's crusade

Congratulations to CardioVision 2020 on its victory over the smoking-in-restaurants abomination and best wishes on its new crusade: saving the world from the scourge of fat.

Because of CardioVision's zeal, police will now spend time ticketing those villains who dare smoke in restaurants. I've heard, too, that CardioVision tries to weigh shoppers in supermarkets. Wow, aren't those a pair of worthy causes? The virtuous CardioVision 2020 (1) knows what's best for everybody and (2) aims to stuff it down everybody's throat.

What CardioVision 2020 is is a great big nose parked in everyone's business.

Thanks, but I don't want any meddling, self-righteous snout in my business, and I don't like scoldings delivered by holier-than-thou types. Can't CardioVision find something better to do than tell 20 percent of us we're (na-na-na-NA-na) obese?

Karen; Snyder



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