LET Speed is big problem on U.S. 63

I watched with some antipathy last week as several emergency vehicles raced toward an accident on U.S. 63 North. Traffic was slowing down, but several drivers didn't seem to think the sirens meant they should pull over. Several of the emergency vehicles had to slow down and drive on the shoulder to pass.

Traffic on 63 has increased during the past several years. And now there is talk of increasing the speed limit to 65 mph on some state highways. Cars are already speeding in excess of that.

I have talked with the highway patrol and found that enforcement of the speed is not a concern. Neither the state nor the county want to take that responsibility. I was told that the "constituents" would be angry if the speed law was enforced because it would slow them down. Even worse, I was told the local economy (mortuaries and auto repair) benefit also.

I have had a couple of accidents trying to turn into my driveway on 63. People are speeding and being inattentive or "multitasking" while driving. The patrol told me I should drive the five miles out of my way to be safe going home, and that was the answer to not having to monitor or enforce the speed.

I'd like to hear from others living on Highway 63 North to confirm whether a problem exists.


Janet; Fisher


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