let St. Mane family worth noting

As a Lanesboro native I've taken pride in acknowledging my hometown.

The town's transformation over the past 20 years is remarkable. Lanesboro's current prosperity is directly connected to the leadership, vision and teamwork shown by its residents. But recent events have me worried these qualities are in short supply in today's Lanesboro.

Since the April 7 fire that forever changed Lanesboro, the town's leaders have done many good, important things. But an important group seems overlooked: the St. Mane family who owned the buildings that were destroyed.

As a friend of the St. Mane family, I know firsthand their dedication to Lanesboro and their desire to find a way to rebuild. The question is, does the city share these goals? The city's attitude seems to be, "property owner heal thyself." That will unnecessarily delay redevelopment.

Wouldn't it be more productive if the city of Lanesboro engaged the St. Mane family and the community at large in discussions about what to do with the gap on main street?


Lanesboro has acquired many admirers and needs to leverage these new relationships to move forward. More importantly, it needs to do right by all its citizens, and business and property owners.

Martin; Moen

St.; Paul

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