LET Stewartville due for change

The running of a town is not an easy task. It seems the folks who have been in charge for a dozen years or so have used bad judgment. Our ship-of-state has been charting the wrong course.

Folks go into any project for vanity or to see if they can succeed, and that's not all bad. But those are the wrong ways, same as with spite. You must look forward to see if you can change things, make them different and better for others. Any other reason you go into these projects with your own thoughts and a fixed mind is all wrong and defeats itself (the purpose).

Everyone should do for others, and you can exceed yourself. Life is a lesson well learned and earned, so give it your best shot. It's called caring. In that mode, you will be well-rewarded in all your different endeavors.

We need changes. We should get out of the real estate business; we're not brokers. A bypass to get rid of traffic (trucks) so we can have on-street parking and get our downtown businesses back to being stable. Change 50-50 assessments on our properties (my goodness, just to make ends meet is a struggle for most folks). It will take time to rectify things and turn them around. "Impossible just takes a little longer."

Daniel; J. Ware


Council; candidate


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