let Story misrepresents Ives

Saturday's article by Ashley Grant of the Associated Press stated: "Republicans in southeast Minnesota refused to endorse state Sen. Sheila Kiscaden because she wasn't conservative enough. So she jumped to the Independence Party. And a conservative Republican decided to go after her in the IP primary."

These fabrications represent a new low even for a journalist.

1) Kiscaden has been there for 10 years, and the GOP never considered not endorsing her previously. However, in the past she could simply represent the interests of the elite in Rochester, and Mayo. Now nearly 55 percent of her new district is made up of the surrounding communities whom she has consistently worked against on nearly every issue.

Conservative vs. liberal had nothing to do with this. She doesn't fit the new district.

2) Sheila jumped to the IP out of expediency, to avoid a primary. Not because of any ideological differences with the GOP. Had she gotten the endorsement, she'd still be calling herself a Republican. Had the DFL not already endorsed Rich Wright, she'd have gone there instead. To paint her as a principled person who left the GOP for "integrity" is laughable.


3) Howard Ives left the GOP years ago. He has been deeply involved in the Constitution Party. Claiming a Republican is going after her in the IP primary isn't responsible journalism.

Richard; Nicely


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