LET Support of genomics appreciated

I am writing to thank the Post-Bulletin and our legislative delegation, along with people in the community and area, for their continued support and encouragement for the $20 million request to add three floors to Mayo Clinic's Stabile Building in support of the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.

Despite strong support from Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the House and the Senate, the request was caught up in the bonding bill impasse. There is urgency to the request. We will continue to work with the governor and both houses to obtain funding for this space as soon as possible.

Some wonder about Mayo's recently announced relationship with Texas Tech University. As a result of the relationship, people in the El Paso, Texas, area will benefit from the services of a reference laboratory that provides world-class laboratory testing services to health-care institutions around the world. The relationship is not a part of the Minnesota Partnership, although research discoveries from the partnership could eventually lead to new diagnostic tests that could be offered by MCSI and lead to better health-care decisions by its clients.

We look forward to the continued support of the partnership from the Post-Bulletin and the public. We continue to believe that our exciting partnership with the university carries significant potential to favorably affect the state's economy and the health of its citizens.

Eric; Wieben, director


Mayo; Clinic Genomics Research Center;

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