Let taxpayers have clear conscience

This year, for the first time in several years, I paid my federal taxes on April 15. I paid them because the federal government promised to "refund" up to $600.

Previously, I did not, as my way of protesting the nearly 50 percent of federal taxes spent for military activities.

Interest (5 percent) and penalty (now 8 percent) accumulated; they sent letters "reminding" me; then they began to take it (a percentage each month) from my Social Security income.

Last year they finished taking 2005’s taxes. This year they were taking my 2006 taxes (plus interest and penalty, of course) when the "refund" arrived. It was deposited into my Social Security fund and applied to my unpaid taxes for 2006.

Those of us who would willingly pay our federal taxes into a special non-military fund have for many years been trying to get Congress to establish a Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund. There are now 41 cosponsors for HR 1921, many of whom joined in 2007 or 2008.


Contact your representative; urge him/her to cosponsor HR 1921. Let’s push to get this passed into law so that we can all pay our federal taxes with a clear conscience.

Barbara Upton


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