let Teach them something they can use

More sports facilities? Why?

Instead of teaching our children how to chase a ball or puck I would think we would be far better off spending our money teaching industrial arts or anything else that would be of benefit for them when they grow up. Teach them something they will be able to use in life!

A majority of the people in this country are so crazy about chasing the ball, most of them have lost the productive lifestyle of folks like those of us who started life in the 1930s.

If we took sports out of our school systems there would be so much money available for education. Under the current allocations, the schools wouldn't be able to spend it all. And it would be much less of a burden on the taxpayers -- realizing that will never happen as all the city folks have nothing better to do than chase the ball or goggle the TV while someone else is chasing it.

As far as the county using my/our tax money, the only comment I can think of is don't waste it. And don't give me that, sports build character. Ha, ha.


Bill; Denny

Pine; Island

These ventures should be self-supporting

The local government units have already committed to use part of the extended sales tax to build ventures. Those are citizen taxes, right?

I am not in favor of those projects because once those are built, who will carry the maintenance costs? We the taxpayers? No way. The past sessions of tax levies have cost us already enough. Unless we have assurances that no additional costs arise, then it might be OK. However, these ventures should be self supporting.

Konrad; Schulz-Fincke


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