LET Terrorist plans a long time coming

War vs. America at Peace?

Everyone would prefer the latter; but President Bush did not start this war.

"A Declaration of War," page 48 of The 9/11 Commission Report, says "Plans to attack the United States were developed with unwavering single-mindedness throughout the 1990s."

Bin Ladin cited the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the U.S. withdrawal in shame from Somalia, as "proof that a ragged army of dedicated Muslims could overcome a superpower."

During the 1990s, President Clinton was popular throughout the world, and welcomed Yasser Arafat to the White House more than any foreign leader. Many think a leader like Clinton would prevent the hatred that drives terrorists to attack Americans. Yet, the 9/11 attack was proposed in 1995, and set in motion in 1999 (page 153).


The wave of terrorists, which people think are created because of war in Iraq, did not materialize suddenly. That was the purpose of terrorist training camps in Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq throughout the 1990s.

Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi said in Congress, "use of weapons of mass destruction, the needless loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, and the financing and exporting of terrorism, these were Saddam's legacy to the world."

The choice was to defend America, or else continue to suffer thousands of American casualties, as was the case in the dozen terrorist attacks since 1993.

Jonathan; Saphira


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