let Thanks, P-B, for story of Courage

This is a response to Ryan Rhodes' letter of June 20.

Regardless of whether Mr. Rhodes will ever understand this, we are thankful to the Post-Bulletin for reporting tragic stories of animal abuse and torture. We wish there were no stories like this to report. But, sadly, they happen and should be brought to light.

To all of you out there with Mr. Rhodes' mentality, this can be explained in excruciatingly simple terms: Anything we don't want done to ourselves animals don't want done to them. They feel pain, love, betrayal, hunger, thirst, hope and fear -- just like humans. If for some reason you are blind to this truth, you are missing out on a very important part of life, and you should never be responsible for another living creature.

The story of the cat named Courage should be a lesson for us all to be aware of the cruelty in this world and to do what is necessary to put a stop to it. Whether they are dogs, cats or children, all innocent creatures deserve our love and protection.

God bless Courage and all others who suffer at the hands of cowards.


Terri; M. and Lowell E. Fredin


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