LET The cuts and who they affected

Minnesota House bill HF74 cut $450 million from programs such as Cover All Kids Health Care Program and it reduced eligibility for childcare assistance.

HF1404 cut spending for various early childhood education programs such as Head Start, Early Childhood Family Education, and School Readiness.

HF437 dropped 68,000 people from health insurance and cut child care spending by $100 million. It cut state funding for WIC.

HF51 cut $6.4 million from such programs as free or reduced school breakfasts and lunches and $70 million from special education. HF6, among other things, dropped 38,000 people from public health care coverage, with children and families representing the largest portion of that population.

Senate bill HF51, final conference committee bill, cut the $70 million for special education and the $6.4 million from such programs as free or reduced school breakfasts and lunches. Senate HF6, final conference committee bill, among other cuts, cut $90 million for child care.


Now, question: What is common among State House members Bradley, Kuisle, and Nelson? Answer: They voted for all these cuts. What do we know about State Senator Senjem? Answer: He voted for the cuts.

Final question: What do all four have in common? Answer: It's a good bet that none of their families was affected.

Bob; Maegerlein


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