LET The pitfalls of 'negotiating' peace

"Peace in our time," declared British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as he stepped off the plane in England after he, together with his French counterpart, had negotiated away Austria and chunks of Czechoslovakia to Hitler in return for "peace."

Hitler had by then repudiated the Treaty of Versailles and its restrictions on rearmament. This was in September 1938 when Hitler could have been controlled at a cost many times less than the war (World War II) he initiated one year later. I heard Chamberlain on the radio as he gave this great news to hordes of English "peace marchers" on his return.

Today, the United Nations is attempting to "negotiate" a piecemeal reduction of U.N. prohibited weapons with another maniac murderer loose in world society. I for one do not want to see our nation lay down its arms and declare "peace in our time." Think about it.

Don; Lucus


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