LET The truth about 'lights on'

This week, Democrats offered a "lights on" proposal. It would continue to fund government for one month, thus delaying a government shutdown in July. Sound good? Here is what they are not telling you:

"Lights On" is horrible for education. It would continue status quo funding, meaning no increases at all for K-12 classrooms, and it does not prevent teacher layoffs.

"Lights On" only delays the end of the special session, and does nothing to advance a final deal.

"Lights On" continues the trend of skyrocketing health care costs and lets them ramp up unchecked. Under Lights On, nothing is done to stop the escalating growth in health care-related spending, which is already outpacing the rest of the budget.

All House Democrats voted to suspend the rules to take up this bill. Even with all our legislative and political blemishes, America is still the beacon of life and liberty. On this July 4th, remember to give thanks for those who are serving our great country, those who have served and those who gave all in their service to our great land.


Carla; Nelson


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