LET Time to build new school in Byron

Byron School District taxpayers have an important bond referendum vote coming up this May 11, at a new polling place located at the Byron High School. You should find this to be more voter convenient.

I publicly came out December 2002 and told you, fellow district taxpayers, that the referendum coming before you was a poor choice.

Well, 16 months later I can personally tell you that I will support the upcoming referendum based on five points:

1. The site for the new high school has been chosen, unlike December of 2002.

2. You will be asked just one question (not three questions), whether you will support the building of a new high school to be located on the former Castner property.


3. Your total cost for this project now will be $27.6 million compared to $43.8 million, if you were to add the three questions from the 2002 referendum together.

4. We have a new architect who is willing to look at two-story construction, angled roofs and alternative energy sources.

5. The consensus of the present board is to make use of the present middle school for seniors, pre-school, community education, and classrooms for the years in which the elementary and/or the present day high school (new middle school) become crowded.

I hope we can count on your approval on May 11.

Phil; Fuchs


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