LET Tune out the noise; go within

Daring to set foot in the political ring, I am hoping readers will appreciate a letter of encouragement meant to lift and inspire, without inciting ire. No KOs, but a few fair blows.

Public opinion seems centered on negativity. Isn't it time we re-evaluated what is positive and good? Growth, after all, should be headed in that direction.

Instead of blaming others for our stultification, shouldn't we be looking to ourselves? The America terrorists seem bent on attacking? Successful people know the victory that is worth anything is the one that is fought and conquered over the self.

I have to question American values that defame others, especially our national leaders. That goes for both ends of the party spectrum, and those in between.

For 20 minutes, tune out the noise and go within. Try to listen to what that voice is saying to you. Make a commitment not only to listen, but to act. Be courageous enough to right any wrongs you may be convicted of, forgiving where necessary. Forgiveness means giving up the old victim stance for a positive, proactive one that motivates us toward the good. That is true progress.


Oops, I promised no KOs. I apologize if anyone is offended, but I am not sorry for what I said. Perhaps the victory over self isn't possible without opposition after all. My mistake.

Janet; Wessing


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