LET Un-American? This mudslinging must stop

As a county commissioner of Faribault County for the past 12 years and a former mayor of the city of Blue Earth, I feel that I am forced to respond to charges that have been thrown around for the past three weeks by Sen. Dille, M. Wilmes, Arlo Habben and others, against the Land Stewardship Project and the Clean Water Alliance. The above two organizations and their members are being accused of using un-American activities and being un-American because they believe that Minnesota agriculture is going the wrong direction under the leadership of Commissioner Hugeson, Sen. Dille, Sams and Rosen.

The issue that really concerns me is that none of the accusers give details and specifics of these so called un-American activities. I hope they are not just errand boys for the commercial interest of corporate America who use the tactic of destroying opposition by discrediting and dehumanizing the organizations and their members. Money talks!!

It appears that the current agenda of the corporates is to take away all local control at the local level and force them to advocate all powers and control to the state in this instance, to the commissioner of agriculture. Apparently, they are right on schedule with their agenda for this blatant power grab.

a. Animal-friendly county designation. (The state usurps all control of local environmental issues.) After one year of the program, no county has applied for it.

b. Tax-free enterprise zones. (Bring in outside competition, giving them tax-free status for 12 years!)


c. Alien or foreign ownership of land. (In 1972, Minnesota passed a law prohibiting foreign ownership of land. The Japanese and Germans were trying to buy everything.)

As the takeover agenda continues, a new and possibly dangerous organization is being created, called the Planning and Zoning Officers Association. This group is made up of pro-corporate-thinking people and will be used to lobby legislators and enhance the corporate takeover agenda.

There is a conflict of interest here. County commissioners are responsible for local planning and zoning organizations. The planning and zoning officers association should not be the lobbyist. The county commissioners must be willing and want to fight for their constituents. If county commissioners don't stand up for what is right in their area, you can bet the next move for the Legislature will be to take away and limit local control and this could lead to the destruction of rural Minnesota.

This leads us to item d. The removal of rights of our rural and urban citizens to have a hearing for under 1,000 acres. Yes, our rights lost ground this year.

I feel that the Land Stewardship Project &; Clean Water Action should be given a fair and honest hearing by the public media. Both audio and print media should create a platform where both sides get a fair hearing and let the public decide who and if anyone is un-American or are they just using their constituent rights to express their views.

There are a lot of white crosses in cemeteries all over the world reminding us of the price many have paid for these rights. This mud slinging must stop so we can press forward to properly protect our beloved country and way of life. -- Loren Lein, commissioner, Faribault County

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