LET Understanding needed

I've never written a letter to a newspaper editor before. But I felt I had to respond to Mr. Pacey's recent letter. He, like so many other people, has an erroneous conception of the tenets of the Muslim religion.

The correct information -- that the Muslim religion is one of the most peace-loving and God-focused religions on earth -- has been ignored by many non-Muslims. That there are fanatics in every religion is a certainty, and they are the ones who make the headlines. One need only look back in history to see horrors committed in the name of God that would cause many Christians to wince -- the Spanish Inquisition, the witch hunts of New England, the "christianizing" of the American Indian to name but a few.

It was a little comical and more than sad that Mr. Pacey's letter stated "While I believe we need to understand and tolerate each other's religions, tolerance is not respect." It is apparent that he does not even come close to understanding the world of Islam.

Might I suggest that Mr. Pacey take the class through Rochester Community Education called "The World of Islam," as my husband and I did, to truly begin to understand the Muslim.

Ellen; A. Higgins



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