LET Using autopsy finding 'classless'

As a daily reader, I want to relay my complete displeasure of what I view as a classless act by your newspaper. A little over a week ago, a family, a community, and schoolmates were left with the unfortunate death of a 13-year-old girl. The cause of death was identified as a suicide overdose.

Instead of simply stating "died at home" like so many other known suicides, your paper chose the other route, even though the parents dispute the findings. These parents, family and friends are grieving over the loss of a young one and your paper adds information that could possibly be incorrect, let alone add embarrassment to the grieving process.

Regardless of the accuracy, your decision is still senseless and totally insensitive. Your continued views siding with liberal politics make me angry. This decision makes me sick. Chalk me up as a "former" subscriber.

Jerry; Krause


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