LET Walz campaign not believable

Thanks to recent Post-Bulletin reporting, we now know that the attempt to remove Gil Gutknecht from the ballot had the following timeline:

June 1994, Gil Gutknecht files his candidacy by petition for the first time. He does this again and again over the next 12 years. During that time, not once does it occur to anybody to interpret the law as requiring the signatures to be collected over a two-week window. Not his opponents. Not the state DFL. Not the secretary of state. No one.

July 2006, DFL challenger Tim Walz looks into filing by petition. His campaign misinterprets the law. They think they have to collect their signatures in two weeks. When Gil Gutknecht submits his signatures, they are "astounded" and think Gutknecht has broken the law.

Early August 2006, a 77-year-old man from Elgin, supposedly without connection to any campaign, just happens to read the obscure laws about filing by petition. Though no one has done so before, this man just happens to misinterpret the law in the exact same way as Tim Walz. Then he just happens to get connected with a Walz contributor to serve as his attorney when he files a lawsuit to keep Gutknecht's name off the ballot.

Mid-August 2006, Tim Walz denies any involvement.


Looking at that timeline, it''s hard to believe Tim Walz.

Harold; Carlson


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