LET War was about oil, not freedom

Is it obvious now? We attacked Iraq. We protected the Ministry of Oil. We allowed the looting of hospitals, the National Library, the National Museum, and incredibly, the looting of International Atomic Energy Agency marked sites.

We currently have no idea how much radioactive material has moved to the black market. It's obvious this war was only about the control of oil. It's the same story in Afghanistan. Warlords are in control of everything except the capital, but we don't care because we're getting a major natural gas pipeline built across Afghanistan.

The Bush administration obviously couldn't care less about radioactive poisoning here or there. They care about fear and control. It's time for Americans to truly learn about bravery. Instead of cowering behind a $400 billion military, we need diligent, common-sense efforts to keep terrorist acts to a minimum. We need to quit giving up our rights with new Patriot Acts, and we need to end our "American Gulag" in Cuba, where adults and children are held for years without charges or trials. Are we brave enough to continue our democracy, or will we slink towards fascism?

Greg; Rendahl


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