LET We don't need puppets

Gangsters are dancing jigs of joy and law enforcement shakes its head in disbelief and dismay at the lifting of the 10-year ban on assault weapons. What hunter needs an "assault" gun to shoot a bear, deer, goose, duck, or tiny mourning dove? And not a peep of protest from President Bush!

Do we have a puppet president whose strings are pulled by the NRA and its lobbyists who wanted the ban gone? We have lobbyists for Halliburton getting lucrative no-bid contracts in Iraq and other oil companies wanting to drill in the pristine arctic wilderness instead of developing alternative fuels; energy companies like defunct Enron who manipulated California's electrical crisis and laughed; logging and mining interests wanting to scare and deface beautiful national parks; the list goes on.

Then there are the puppet words put forth by Cheney, Rove and others urging war in Iraq -- we aren't finished with 9-11 terrorism in Afghanistan, can't find Bin Laden, but go for Iraq. Say WMD -- no proof they exist-- but invade Iraq. We toppled Saddam and toppled ourselves into a vicious whirlpool of death and destruction with more than 1,000 American men and women dead, 27-some thousand injured and crippled, billions of dollars spent and more to come -- money so badly needed at home -- and a monstrous mounting national debt. Our reputation among old allies and foreign countries is spiraling down and down. Is it time the puppets' strings were cut?

Zenobia; Haberman

Blooming; Prairie

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