LET We have nothing to prevent floods

Although I regret that the absence of substantive flood mitigation yet again promoted very valuable volunteer services, let me attempt to thank, with huge appreciation, the many agencies and individuals who helped me.

No thanks are due to the irritating -- bordering on infuriating -- four people I saw either move police-installed barricades or drive around them and proceed to get stranded when their car died in the deep pond covering the street. Or for that person who simply drove around the barricades -- on the sidewalk! -- while people were sandbagging.

Expect no improvement in the flooding situation as long as the Army Corps of Engineers and community leadership continues to believe, endorse and support the notion that it is more cost-effective to allow the citizenry to repeatedly endure ('78 twice, '93, '00 and '04) preventable human misery, economic harm and now two deaths, rather than protect citizens and properties. Other than 221 home "buyouts" and a rapid sand and sandbag band aid deployment program, it appears that no substantive, structural mitigation effort exists. And, almost certainly, no program to eliminate this clear danger exists.

Dan; Kane


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