LET Welti puts priority on education

As a single parent of a son starting his third year of college and a daughter hoping to start college in the next year, I am writing to express my support of Andy Welti to be re-elected to House District 30B. Welti is a compassionate supporter of quality higher education. He has a common sense approach to finding practical solutions to make a college education accessible to all Minnesotans.

In the mid-1990s when I was finishing a college degree, through grants and loans, I was able to finance my college education. Tuition rates were within reach to make this possible. In the last decade, tuition rates have risen significantly. This past legislative session, Welti voted to invest in the Minnesota higher education budget to bring college tuition below the double-digit increases of the past. He also supported the expansion of the University of Minnesota program in Rochester.

Welti's background in education provides a knowledge base for how important these opportunities and goals are for the youth of Minnesota and also for those students, such as myself, who change career paths. I want my children to have the same opportunity to pursue and achieve their educational goals. Let's keep Welti in office to use a common sense approach to make all Minnesotans' educational goals a reality.

Toni; Kay Mangskau


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