let Werven promises integrity

I am asking for your vote on Sept. 10 for the position of County Commissioner District 2.

I do not claim to have all the answers to the complex issues facing Olmsted County and I would be foolish to think I was smarter than any other candidate.

I know as a commissioner I would have much to learn. I am not however, afraid to ask questions. I will never lie. I will never pretend to be interested for the sake of appearance nor will I compromise my values when faced with an unpopular vote. I will show people the respect they deserve and if by chance we should disagree, I will thank them for caring enough to share their views. I will treat the office with honor and likewise I will honor and respect those who serve in elected office throughout our county.

Finally, while I cannot promise I will always be right in my decisions, I will never hesitate to admit when I am wrong.

Gerry Werven



Olmsted County Board of Commissioners

District 2


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