LET Where all the answers lie

On Meet the Press Sunday morning, the comment was made that Israel needs to be obliterated, that they are a disgrace to humanity. I was greatly distressed by that statement.

It only shows how ignorant mankind is, of knowing what the Bible says. Here is a book, yet proclaimed to be the No. 1 seller, but certainly not No. 1 in being read. We want it displayed in our homes only because it's the in thing.

Israel, though one time dispersed because of its sins, again became a nation in 1948, because it is God's chosen nation, on behalf of his son, Jesus Christ, being born of a Jew, thereby became a nation of favor by God.

It was never completely wiped out, nor will God let it be now, and any nation that comes against Israel better be prepared to suffer the consequences. God will see to that. This is why we, as a nation, better stay on Israel's side, and President Bush knows that.

People, we must get into the word, read it from the beginning of time, to the end. Only then will we understand why things are as they are.


Study the Bible, that's where all the answers lie.

Ardell; Brueske


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