LET Who's calling who what?

After reading that the governor called the DFL budget plan "profoundly stupid," I think it's ironic that he:

1. Painted himself into a corner with a "no new tax" pledge.

2. Mismanaged the state's finances so we have annual budget deficits.

3. Won the governor's office with only 46 percent of the vote.

4. Advocated capital punishment.


5. Bet on a $200 million payment from American Indian tribes, then watched them pull out.

6. Effectively practiced "my way or the highway" politics.

7. Takes health care coverage from the poor to avoid a tax increase for the rich. (Taking from the poor and giving to the rich.)

8. Undermined public education through years of flat funding.

9. Does not consider property tax a tax.

10. Has set up, with his belligerent rhetoric, another gridlocked legislative session.

I hope the House and Senate can hold this guy in check for another 18 months; we may be able to survive further damage to the state and elect a competent governor.

John; Trolander



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