LET You can't reason with Hezbollah

This is in response to recent letters and columns by Rev. Darlington, Rabbi Freedman, and Patricia Allende de Jung regarding what's happening in Israel and Lebanon.

The truth apparently offends Allende de Jung? What Freedman clearly pointed out was that Darlington's column was based upon an incomplete understanding of history. Moreover, there was nothing absurd about the rabbi's final statement as it was simply a statement of fact.

Fact 1, Hezbollah and Hamas are elected/appointed leaders of the Lebanese and Palestinians; and fact 2, Hezbollah and Hamas are dedicated to the annihilation of Israel and all its people.

What I find remarkable is Allende de Jung's statement that honest people face a dilemma when they question our foreign policy regarding Israel and the Mideast. She states that individuals who disagree are called ignorant or anti-Semitic or pro-terrorist. None of those comments was made or implied by Rabbi Freedman.

Rather than dealing with the issues/facts cited by Freedman, she spins the response based upon preconceived ideas or agendas and conveniently ignores the 1,000-pound gorilla in the room, namely, how can a country have a "reasonable discourse" with a people and their leadership whose primary purpose is its complete destruction?


Last, I will ask you a similar question which Chris Matthews ("Hard Ball") presented to the Syrian ambassador a week or so ago. How small does Israel have to get before everyone is satisfied? The ambassador never provided an answer.

Ed; Leof


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