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Mayo owns the Rochester Travelers Hotel building, just west of the Baldwin building on Second Street Southwest. The hotel, part of which dates from 1931, is apparently closed and there's no word yet on what Mayo plans to do with it.

Dear Answer Man, it appears that the 100-plus-year-old structure next to Mayo's Baldwin building, which now houses the Travelers Hotel, has been closed and boarded up, with furniture being removed.

As a 1930's childhood resident of the neighboring (former) College Apartments and graduate of the (former) Rochester High School across Second Street, I am most interested in future plans for this site, now directly out my front window at Rochester Towers. Any hints from Mayo or the DMC crowd? -- DS

Thanks for the tip, DS. I drive by that eccentric place at 426 Second St. SW morning and night but hadn't noticed that the lights are out, the front walk isn't shoveled and it appears to be vacant. The Rochester Travelers Hotel has a rich history going far back, and I'll cover is history another time, but for now, I'll tell you the phone appears to be disconnected and I haven't heard back from RGI Lodging LLC, which is listed as the contact on the hotel website.

The building is owned by Mayo, which owns the other half of the block, which is occupied by the Baldwin building and a parking ramp. The estimated market value of the land is $1.26 million, the building is worth (somewhat generously, I'd say) $480,300, and thus the total estimated market value for 2016 is $1.74 million.

The World Famous bought it about 15 years ago, in November 2001, for just a hair less than that -- $1.68 million. So Mayo's investment hasn't appreciated a whole lot in the interim.

What's the plan for the property? There's no demo permit yet; I have a call in to Mayo and I might hear sometime from them; and a local real estate savant said he really couldn't comment.

There's something afoot. Stay tuned.

RPU water report

One of my most frequent correspondents, Jeff Morgan, asks this question about

on lead in Rochester city water: "If RPU issues a city water test report every May, which is the most

? Shouldn't the May 2015 report be available by now?"

RPU does the testing in May but then the data is processed and by the time the state and everyone else get done with them, they're posted nearly a year later. The May 2015 report likely will be available in late April but posted in May, according to RPU.

I asked spokesman Tony Benson last week if they've had many calls about the lead issue and he said very few.

Humming chorus

In a

, I told you about a reader who reported a highly annoying humming sound in southeast Rochester. She wanted me to figure out what it was. I didn't think I'd be able to help with that, but a helpful reader passed along the

about humming in other parts of the world.

It's from a website called

and the headline is, "Mysterious Hum Driving People Crazy Around the World." Take it with a grain of salt, but it says that people from Taos, N.M., to Largs, Scotland, have reported annoying humming.

"The cases seem to have several factors in common: Generally, the hum is only heard indoors, and it's louder at night than during the day," the story says. "It's also more common in rural or suburban environments; reports of a hum are rare in urban areas, probably because of the steady background noise in crowded cities." But the story offer no real theories or cures.

My current theory about the southeast hum: It's the crows snoring in downtown trees. But if you have other ideas, I'm all ears.

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