Snow plow

A car is plowed in Wednesday in Rochester. (Traci Westcott /

With another round of snow expected Friday and Saturday, the City of Rochester is reminding residents and visitors to follow alternate side parking requirements on city streets.

Alternate Side Parking Requirements:

  • Alternate side parking requirements are in place city‐wide from Oct. 1 to May 1 from 2 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Park your vehicle on the side of the street with EVEN house numbers when the calendar date is EVEN.

  • Park your vehicle on the side of the street with ODD house numbers when the calendar date is ODD.

  • Cars parked within the round part of a cul‐de‐sac must follow alternate side parking requirements.

  • While cars can be parked on both sides of the street in the evening hours, drivers should park their vehicles overnight for the requirements that are in place for the following day from 2 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Posted parking signs must be followed regardless of the calendar date.

  • This does not apply to metered spaces; however, parked vehicles must still comply with posted signs.

Alternate side parking increases the efficiency and effectiveness of snow removal on city streets. Most importantly, this allows emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances to reach residents in an emergency. Additionally, effective snow removal creates safer roads for everyone, including large vehicles like buses, delivery vehicles, and garbage trucks.

Mike Burns, the Infrastructure Maintenance Manager, said in a press release: “Maneuvering around obstacles like parked cars and garbage cans prevents us from fully clearing the street. Alternative side parking has really made a difference already this season for snow plowing since we can prevent snow and ice buildup that has historically narrowed our streets. Ultimately, it makes for safer travel and maintains space for on‐street parking.”

More information, including frequently asked questions and educational videos, are available at These materials are available in English, Somali and Spanish.

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