Election 2022: Kellogg City Council

Candidates for Kellogg City Council make their pitches to voters ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.

Election 2022 in United States
Election 2022 in United States
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KELLOGG — This November, Kellogg voters will choose two out of three candidates on the ballot to serve on the city council. Those candidates are Sue McNallan and incumbents Michael Crilly and Pat Halverson. Candidates shared with the Post Bulletin why they are running for office and what their priorities will be if elected to office.

Here are the candidates running for Kellogg City Council:

Michael Crilly (incumbent)

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Michael Crilly

Occupation: Manager for a trucking company.

Education: Answer not provided.

Why are you running for office? I am running for city council. My belief has always been to be a voice of the people. Decisions should be based on what's best for the city as a whole.


What are the three most important issues to you as a candidate?

  1. Budget. With rising costs any increases ultimately fall on the tax payers. As with all households, the city's costs have risen dramatically. Finding a balance between spending cuts and tax increases is never easy.
  2. Zoning. Zoning is a very unpopular topic, and overlooked for too long. While some are against the governing of their property, it is very important part of giving the city some type of order. The city code has been in place a long time. It should be followed uniformly or changed to suit the entire community.
  3. Infrastructure. Our sewer, water and streets need full attention. Current and future repairs and upgrades are very costly. We can only do so much at a time, and rising costs only push our goals further out.

Pat Halverson (incumbent)

Pat Halverson

Occupation: Part-time employee, Kellogg Public Works.

Education: Answer not provided.

Why are you running for office? I am running for the city council because I would like to see the city of Kellogg grow and prosper for the benefit of all its residents. I want to be the strong voice for all the residents. I have been on the council for the last four years and also in 2004-2008. I would like to keep the city moving in the right direction. I am open minded and listen to the community’s concerns.

What are the three most important issues to you as a candidate? I would like to keep our beautiful city moving forward with a balanced budget. We need to keep moving the city of Kellogg in the right direction to keep taxes low and no unnecessary spending.

I would also like to have the city uphold the zoning and the city ordinances for all the citizens to be treated equally.

I believe we need to improve our streets every year and apply for grants to utilize for trails for the recreational vehicles and this would also help the businesses. I also think we need an active fire department for the safety of our citizens. I was a member of the Kellogg Fire Department for 33 years.

Sue McNallan

Occupation: Administrative assistant for Healthcare Managers.


Education: CNA and EMR training, Rochester Community and Technical College.

Why are you running for office? A friend told me if I was not happy with the way things are run, I should get involved, so I took her advice. Community engagement has been my lifelong passion. I have been involved for many years throughout the Kellogg community. I have been an emergency first responder since 1985, as well as a member of the Watermelon Fest planning committee and the Kellogg Lions Club. Furthermore, I was involved in the planning, fundraising and developing of the Lloyd Timm Memorial Ball Field. Currently, I am helping develop a multi-use ATV/snowmobile/bicycle/walking bridge over the Zumbro River that would connect the Wabasha and Kellogg communities. I am a lifelong resident of this beautiful city of Kellogg, I love this community and want to be a new voice for the residents that call this home.

What are the three most important issues to you as a candidate?

  1. I want to be a voice for Kellogg residents and bring fresh ideas and a new perspective on issues facing the community.  I am confident I can be a positive influence on community decisions.
  2. Many of my family and friends including myself are avid ATV riders.  I want to continue to work on expanding the trail system throughout the community for the benefit of the people and the businesses within the community. Having greater involvement in government and city issues would assist in being successful in completing the trail funding and approval process.
  3. I plan to work on expanding businesses in the community.  The development of the multi-use trail will bring more businesses to our community, which would further decrease tax burden for residents.

Election Day is Nov. 8, 2022. Find voting information at . Candidates' responses have been edited for clarity and Post Bulletin news style.

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