Election 2022: Zumbrota City Council

Candidates for Zumbrota City Council make their pitches to voters ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.

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Zumbrota City Council candidates Kevin Amundson, Joan Bucher, Dirk Cedergren and Lisa Johnson.
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ZUMBROTA — In the 2022 general election, Zumbrota voters will elect two people to the city council out of four candidates on the ballot: Kevin Amundson, Joan Bucher, Dirk Cedergren and Lisa Johnson. Candidates shared with the Post Bulletin why they are running for office and what their priorities will be if elected to office.

Here are the candidates running for Zumbrota City Council:

Kevin Amundson

Kevin Amundson

Occupation: MNDOT transportation specialist and wedding/event photographer and owner of Terra Nova Productions.

Education: High school graduate.

Why are you running for office? I’m running for Zumbrota city council because I want to serve my neighbors and fellow business owners. I believe the most beneficial public service is done at the local level where connections are personal and people can work together to create a thriving local economy and culture. Local government is built on trust and integrity. This environment can only be created when elected representatives are available and committed to working for constituents.


What are the three most important issues to you as a candidate? I’m here to listen, contribute to efficiency and transparency, and build a system that serves individuals and private industry. In my view, a beneficial administration is simple and works easily for a diverse population with unique ideas and ambitions.

A strong community built on these foundations is best prepared to meet difficulties and adapt to changes without losing the great core values that have built us to this point. I look forward to working alongside the good people in Zumbrota towards that goal!

    Joan Bucher

    Joan Bucher

    Occupation: Owner/operator of the Dairy Queen in Zumbrota.

    Education: Bachelor's degree from Winona State University.

    Why are you running for office? I believe that Zumbrota is a strong, vibrant community that I have had the pleasure of living, working and raising my children in for over 30 years. Our country is built on service to the people and to the larger community, it would be a privilege to be able to be part of continuing to build on the already strong foundation that's Zumbrota has.

    What are the three most important issues to you as a candidate? The reason I'm running for city council is threefold, but I'm largely focused foundational, community and economic growth. First I would love to see the community physically grow and flourish which makes infrastructure extremely important. As the town continues to grow, we need to have an infrastructure in place that can grow with us. Second, I know that housing is a vital part of any community. While we encourage growth and diversity we must have different kinds of housing available and affordable. Creating options for younger families to move to zumbrota is going to keep our foundation strong and our community vibrant. Lastly, promoting economic growth by attracting more businesses to our community will create a place where families and individuals can live, work and grow.

    Dirk Cedergren (incumbent)

    Occupation: Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Facility operations manager.

    Education: High school graduate, further education at Navy Nuclear Power School.


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    Dirk Cedergren

    Why are you running for office? I want to contribute to my community in an active way. I can be a listening ear and good representative in Zumbrota. I’ve had the unique opportunity to learn the position as I was appointed to finish Councilman Horvath’s term. I’ve enjoyed meeting people and working with the Zumbrota team, so I registered for the November election.

    Zumbrota is operating well; I want to lend my almost 60 years of life experience and 45 years of work experience to tasks at hand and any challenges facing our community. I don’t have an agenda of fixing anything, but I want to be a part of solutions for the future.

    What are the three most important issues to you as a candidate?

    1. Responsible growth: Zumbrota is going to grow. Our unique location makes it a great place to live and commute. As we grow, I’d like to see us preserve the small town feel while positioning us for thoughtful well-managed growth.
    2. Limited ordinances: As we adapt to the needs of the community and adopt new ordinances, as well as reviewing old ordinances, I want to ensure the needs are met with the least amount of government interference.
    3. Continuity of service: Making sure people get what they pay for at a reasonable price within the community.

    Lisa Johnson

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    Lisa Johnson

    Occupation: Branch office administrator at Edward Jones in Zumbrota.

    Education: Associate's degree in medical billing and coding.

    Why are you running for office? Zumbrota is one of the best small towns to grow up in, raise a family and live. Our location between Rochester and the Twin Cities makes it even better! I am proud to say I am from Zumbrota and am amazed at the industrial growth and new homes being built in this community. Prior to 2021, I lived in rural Goodhue and moved back to Zumbrota due to my partner, Rick Throndson, retiring and selling our country home. There have been many changes and I have heard lots of "talk" around Zumbrota about the changes, some good and some not so good. I have my own opinions and am wanting to learn more about how the city of Zumbrota is working with local businesses and residents. I know I can make a positive impact in our community, to accomplish this, I thought best to run for city council.


    What are the three most important issues to you as a candidate? Our downtown is very dangerous due to Highway 58 traffic. We need to protect and keep residents safe — I see right outside my office how unsafe the crossings are and this is an item I feel needs to be addressed.

    The Jefferson Drive project is a major priority, and I drive it twice a day at least. Knowing now that it will be delayed until 2023 will impact Zumbrota immensely. I know the pandemic impacted the supply chain, but we need to move forward and quit using the pandemic for excuses.

    Jobs in Zumbrota, get people to work! Knowing some of our businesses are cutting back hours due to lack of employees is not acceptable. I want to know what the city can do to help.

    Election Day is Nov. 8, 2022. Find voting information at . Candidates' responses have been edited for clarity and Post Bulletin news style.

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