Embrace the burn: Rochester small business hosts dog disc event Saturday

Tiffany Long owns Long Shot Dog Sports, which hosts events involving frisbees, like Saturday's Dumpster Fire Palooza.

Dumpster Fire Palooza
Tiffany Long and her five year old Australian Shepherd Kaiba take part in a frisbee event at the Dumpster Fire Palooza at Riverview West Park on Saturday, May 28, 2022.
Tucker Allen Covey / Post Bulletin
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ROCHESTER — The weekends are made to spend time with family and friends, both human and furry, if you own pets.

For some, hanging out with their dogs means taking them to disc events.

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That happened Saturday, May 28, 2022, at the Dumpster Fire Palooza at Riverview West Park in Rochester. Long Shot Dog Sports, a small business owned by Tiffany Long, hosts Toss and Fetch and UpDog events for people who want to get involved with their dog and disc.

Long first joined the disc dog world when her dog, Kaiba, was a puppy. Some friends told her to try Frisbee with Kai, she said.

“We went to an event in the cities,” Long said. “It was fun and the people were friendly.”


Since that experience about four years ago, Long, who has five dogs, four of whom are border collies, began participating in disc events before hosting her own. Long said she hosted her first disc event at least three years ago.

The Dumpster Fire Palooza is a three-day happening that features six events: Throw n Go, Four-way Play, Time Warp, Frizgility, Greedy and Greedy Dumpster Fire style (which appeared to be event-specific). All events are UpDog approved. Winners will be the lucky recipients of awards featuring a dumpster on fire.

A dog runs after the frisbee at the Dumpster Fire Palooza event at Riverview West Park Saturday, May 28, 2022, in Rochester.
Tucker Allen Covey / Post Bulletin

Throw n Go is simply playing catch with discs — the owner throws the disc and the dog attempts to grab it in the air and return it to the owner. It’s the most beginner-friendly event, which is competitive for some and more of a training opportunity for others.

Some dogs, like Dottie, a border collie, are what some may consider show-offs — Dottie routinely jumped into the air to fetch the disc.

Akela, a cattle dog mix, is fully deaf, but you really wouldn’t know by the high-caliber play.

Ultimately, Long said the events are a way to have fun and hang out with friends and dogs.

Dumpster Fire continues Sunday and Monday at Riverview West Park. It isn’t the only event Long will host this summer — she’s anticipating a six-week series beginning in July at the same park.

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