Kosher Super Bowl

Dale Lipsky, left, shows Rabbi David Greene, middle, and Rabbi Shloime Greene, right, the banner created at Minuteman Press for their Super Bowl tailgate party Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, in Rochester.

It will be a Super Bowl tailgate party different from most. If you hear someone exclaim, "Gevaldig!" (as in "tremendous" or "thumping"), you know you're there.

As tens of thousands pour into downtown Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII on Sunday, one of the sights certain to beckon will be an RV draped in a large banner that reads "Chabad Kosher Tailgate Party LII."

Rabbi Shloime Greene, outreach director for Chabad-Lubavitch of Southern Minnesota, one of the tailgate's co-hosts, said the party is consistent with the Jewish movement's outreach mission.

"One of the things that's known about Chabad: If you're going to Timbuktu and you eat kosher food, the first person you're calling is Chabad," Greene said. "If you're a Jewish dude and you need some food in Kathmandu, you calling Chabad."

The Hebrew word "kosher" means fit. The laws of kosher define the foods that are fit for consumption for a Jew. Those laws govern which animals can be consumed, how food is prepared and when it is served.

For the past few months, Jewish leaders say, they have been fielding inquires from all over the place about kosher activities and resources at the Super Bowl.

"So we decided, what better way to help those coming than to host a kosher tailgate party right in the heart of downtown," said Rabbi Yitzi Steiner, director of Chabad University of Minnesota.

Greene said the options will be limited for the kosher-conscious inside U.S. Bank Stadium, where the 52nd annual Super Bowl between the New England Patriot and Philadelphia Eagles is being hosted.

"We're still waiting for our first kosher concession stand," Greene said.

The location of the Kosher Tailgate won't be announced until the day of the game as a security precaution. People can find out by going to the social media handle "@koshertailgate" on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on Sunday.

Greene said he plans to be at the tailgate party with his wife, Chana, and their two young children. Although the Minnesota Vikings' elimination was a disappointment to him, having been beaten by the Eagles, the tailgate will still be great way to experience and absorb the atmosphere of the game.

"Like everyone else in the world, where do you want to be when the Super Bowl is happening? As close as possible," Greene said.

Greene said he hopes to watch the game. Asked who is rooting for, Green paused and then sheepishly declared, "I'm leaning toward the Eagles."

Other groups sponsoring the tailgate include Chabad of Minneapolis, Chabad of Uptown - Young Jewish Professionals of Minneapolis and the Lubavitch House.

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