Police car lights crime arrest

A Rochester man police found bleeding Wednesday afternoon was arrested for suspected domestic assault. 

When officers responded to an address on Gemini Drive Northwest at 4:42 p.m., they found Todd McIntyre, 46, standing in the garage in his boxer shorts, according to Police Lt. Gretchen O'Neil. 

Officers reportedly learned that a woman had gone into the home's bathroom to get away from McIntyre, who allegedly broke the door and began assaulting the woman. 

"She was unable to get away, grabbed a hair dryer and hit McIntyer in the head to get him to stop, which is the reason he was bleeding," O'Neil wrote in a statement sent to the Post Bulletin. 

The woman was reportedly injured but did not seek medical attention.

McIntyer was transported to Saint Marys Hospital, where he allegedly threw blood-soaked bandages at police and other responding staff.

After he was medically cleared, O'Neil said McIntyer was taken to the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center awaiting charges of felony domestic assault.

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