BLOOMINGTON — The Post Bulletin collected 19 awards from the Minnesota Newspaper Association's Better Newspaper Contest on Thursday, and the take included the evening's most sought-after prize: the Vance Trophy.

The Post Bulletin won nine first-place awards, five second-place awards and four third-place awards. Each award carried different point values. The newspaper with the most points at the end of the evening wins the Vance Trophy.

"We have a staff of talented and passionate group of people," said General Manager Chris Blade, "and it's great to see them recognized among their peers as the No. 1 daily newspaper in Minnesota. It's well deserved, and I'm very proud of the team that we built at the Post Bulletin."

Newspapers ranging from small weeklies to large dailies from all over Minnesota submitted more than 4,000 entries for the contest, according to the MNA.

The Post Bulletin last won the Vance Trophy in 2001. The trophy is awarded annually to the top daily newspaper in Minnesota, and was created in honor of the Jim Vance family of Worthington.

Contest winners include:

• Photojournalist Andrew Link who won first place for sports photography and third place for photo story.

• Regional Reporter Hannah Yang who placed first for the "Best Use of Video."

• Digital Content Manager Jeanette Caban won first and second place for "Best Use of Social Media."

• Photojournalist Joseph Ahlquist won second place for photo story.

• Columnist Jen Koski won second place for her column Jen's World.

Columnist John Weiss won third place for his Outdoors column.

Below is the complete list of awards and recipients.

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First Place Awards

  • Sports Photo for All Dailies — Diving Catch
    • Andrew Link
  • Best Use of Video for All Dailies —Winona Warrior: Staff Sgt. Sebo battles for top honor
    • Hannah Yang
  • Best Use of Social Media for All Dailies—Crowdsourcing to gather content and encourage dialogue
    • Jeanette Caban
  • General Excellence for Dailies 10,000 and over
    • Post Bulletin
  • General Reporting for Dailies 10,000 and over
    • Post Bulletin
  • Headline Writing for Dailies 10,000 and over
    • Post Bulletin
  • Classified Ad Section for All Dailies
    • Post Bulletin
  • Editorial Portfolio for All Dailies
    • Post Bulletin
  • Best Magazine for All Dailies—Rochester Magazine
    • Post Bulletin

Second Place Awards

  • Photo Story—Olmsted County Fair After Dark
    • Joseph Ahlquist
  • Best Use of Social Media— Putting a face to the name: Humanizing our reporters via social media
    • Jeanette Caban
  • Columnist— Jen's World
    • Jen Koski
  • Institutional Advertisement for All Dailies — Counselor-Diagnosing real estate needs
    • Natalie Savat
  • Special Section — Simply Rural
    • Agri News
  • Editorial Pages as a Whole for Dailies 10,000 and over
    • Post Bulletin

Third Place Awards

  • Photo Story — Nerves pushed to the limit
    • Andrew Link
  • Columnist — Outdoors
    • John Weiss
  • Advertising Excellence for Dailies 10,000 and over
    • Post Bulletin
  • Editorial Page as a Whole for Weeklies over 5,000
    • Agri News

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