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Olmsted County transportation planners are again calling for public input as they develop a long-range transportation strategy.

“We’re continuing on in our march toward putting together a draft of the plan by sometime at the end of the year or early next year,” Charlie Reiter, a planner for the Olmsted County Planning Department, recently told the Rochester-Olmsted Council of Governments.

The long-range plan being developed by ROCOG seeks to offer projections through 2045. The latest effort is part of an updating process that must occur every five years, and it will cover various modes of transportation and highlight major projects that are planned between 2020 and 2045.

On Tuesday, planners are holding an open house from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in conference room A of 2122 Campus Drive to update residents and seek input as the planning process moves forward.

The plan details mid-range and long-range recommended transportation projects for Rochester, Olmsted County, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Future projects include plans for area streets and highways, urban and regional bicycle and pedestrian paths and options for addressing regional and downtown Rochester transit.

Details of the developing plan, as well as individual chapters, are also available on the council’s website at .

With 543 pages in the current plan, Dave Pesch, planning coordinator for Rochester-Olmsted Council of Governments, has said the work underway involves quite a bit of updating, which will include changes to each of the document’s 221 graphics.

At this point, the planners are in the middle of making specific updates to each chapter.

Last month, the Rochester-Olmsted Council of Governments received its first look at chapter 15 of the 17-chapter plan, while also reviewing further suggested updates to chapter 14. The chapters covered Travel Demand Management and Transportation System Management.

Chapter development is expected to continue into the first months of next year, with the final work slated to be complete by August 2020.

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